00 426 for sale

I am selling my 2000 YZF426. Never raced. Trail and desert only. BRAND NEW gold excel rims, talon hubs, spokes, sproket. BRAND NEW front and rear tires. White bros header w/E-series & R-series exhaust. (also the stocker in perf condition)Second set of wheels w/ paddle and sand tire mounted. Changed oil every 3 rides. Buying a mini-stock car need money! I'll be back on two wheels after summer.


email me here if interested.


I live in So Cal area.

Serious inq only please.

[ March 29, 2002: Message edited by: spodeboy ]


Chk PM

Nive bike, My son is looking he want to be like his Pops so he is looking for an 00 like me.

Man Ego runs in the familiy, He thinks he will be as fast as he gets a bike like mine

Muhahahahah what an Imagination he has

Lil Ones


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