New '02 XR650R, is this price right?

My dad bought one in the fall and hasn't ridden it, he got a good deal on a quad shortly after and decided it was more "him". I don't blame him, he's 55, out of shape and I don't want to see him get hurt. His last bike was a '93 XR600 and he hasn't ridden dirt in ten years.

I'm trying to help him sell it.. Please don't misinterpret this post as spam, I'm not trying to double post it here. I've got it in the for sale forum. The reason for this post is I don't know what it's worth to sell. It's two years old but brand spanking new. I know he wants no less than $4900 for it, but is this reasonable? Too cheap? Too high? Or does it sound about right?


well even if the bike is a "new" '02 with no use, I don't think they are worth 4900. I bought my '00 two years ago for 3900 and it only had 100 miles on it, it was still "new". So I think he might have a problem selling it for 4900 since it's fairly easy to find them for less than that. Check for a better estimation.

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The problem is that Honda made way to many '02 650's--they have been dumping them for the last 6 months for less than the $4900 you want--so why buy your used bike when you can get one on the showroom floor for that or less...sorry for the bad news...You might get 4K--but even that is on the high side. If it was dual sported in Cali ya might get a wee bit more--otherwise its gonna be is another source for pricing...

Here in Cali. (the land of the overpriced), a dealer named LA Cyclesports was letting them go (New 02 models) OTD for $4800, or in other words, for about $4400. Take away the "Buying it from a Dealer" factor, and I'd say $4K would probably get some bites. Then again, there are always people out there who will pay just about anything, so you might get lucky. :)

In California I paid 3,500 for my 2003 that only had 75 miles on it when I bought it. I consider that a great deal but they are out there. I have seen some choice ones go on ebay for 3,000

I just paid $3999 out the door for a 2001 left over.

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