I got it!! pics of the scoot!!! and new exhaust!



and yes it is in my house... :)

forgot this one


:) Yippie yahoooo Whoo weeee

Hey Felix, The room you have your bike in is real clean.

Does you mom know your putting the Bike in the DEN :D HeHe

I built my first RoadRacer in my Upstair room when I was 17 (Yamaha 350R5 to TD3 Specs), The Greese mark is still in the center of the room, Man My Mom was Pissed off about that one, but the Bike was clean

[ March 30, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

When I was little I was playing with a quart of oil which had the foil seal on the bottle. I was turning it upside down (cap off) and playing with it to see how strong the foil seal was. Well, one good squeeze and there was about 1/2 quart of oil on the living room carpet...heh.. Big trouble for that one. :)

Sweet ride! Be sure to put something under it in case some gas leaks from the carb vents. I don't think gas will come out as easily as motor oil. :D

Where did you get the black side plates?

When i was looking for black sideplate no one had them so i painted them .. That is testers model paint....

Let us know how well that paint holds up in the woods.

If it will stay on, I might try that.

Oh wait. Nevermind. I see your from California.

[ March 31, 2002: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

Hey MoleMan :)

Wudd up with that remark, There is plenty of woods out here in CA, In fact I here in MO that the only reason Y`all go back in da woods is to visit In-Breeding Relitives Ha :D

I keep my ride in my kitchen. The linoleum wipes clean real easy, and there's no way I'm keeping my pride and joy in an unheated toolshed!!

PS Don't tell my landlord!!!

It must be nice to be single, my wife would literally decompose if she saw my bike in the house..........again.


Yo Felix4_2_6,

The house looks a little bare w/out your bed. I'll bet mama's got that baby next to your tool box in your garage. I heard if its real quiet at night you can hear your snap-on ratchets clicking to one another. Let us know, will ya.

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