Rear wheel collars - pack with grease?

Thought id find this in search, but no luck. Just replaced rear wheel bearings on a '08 wr450 and wondering is there any need to pack with grease the back of the wheel collars before putting them back on. Was only going to go with a smear around the alloy bits, but just checking with you guys first. Thanks!

Hmmm, how to describe this.  I guess I put enough grease in these black collars to keep water out/entering into the shaft.  I guess I wouldn't describe them as being packed full, but there's enough loose grease in there for water/dirt/grit exclusion.

Thanks for commenting. I get what you mean. Just wanted a second opinion before i get this thing back on the trails. Cheers mate.

Dip them in a vat of grease.

Dripping, covered, and slathered in grease.


^ don't do that ! ^


...just put some grease on the wiper before installing the spacers to create a water seal, is all you need.

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