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I just got done converting a 2008 yz450f into a fully street legal supermoto and I have 2 questions. First, is there anybody who has installed a key switch on there dirtbike? I don't want electric start just the ability to curb thieves on the street. I get nervous parking it on the street knowing anybody could just kick it over and ride off. I know just about anybody could load it up in a truck and take off but you could say that about any bike. Second, anyone ever replace the air box and gas tank in order to update the plastics? My other off road bike is a 2014 yz450f and you really notice how outdated the shapes are when they sit side by side. I really like the 2011 white and red yzf. Off the top of my head I think the 06 to 09, 10 to 13 and the 13 to 16 are interchangeable. Is it possible to go from 08 to 14 if you change the air box and tank?


If the ignition system is stock, a key switch might be used in a couple of different ways.  If you can find one that locks with one set of contacts closed, you could use the switch to ground the black/white lead that runs to the kill switch in the off position. 


If you can't find such a switch, you can use one that closes a circuit in the on position and use it to interrupt the red, green, or pink leads coming from the stator to the ECU.


No deal on the plastics.  The frames are too different on top between the steering head and shock mount for there to be any interchangeability between the two.

Thanks for the info I will look for a double pull double throw key switch and interrupt the kill switch.

If you want a little more fuel capacity for your '08 YZF (adds 16% I believe) I know the stock 2007- 2012 WR250F/450F tanks bolt right on to the frame.  Stock seat mates perfect.  YZF shrouds can be bent enough to align the shroud bolts to tank nuts but better if you get WR shrouds so it doesn't put stress on the radiators.  I've done it to both '09 YZ250F and YZ450F.  Got both tanks off fleabay for pretty cheap instead of a big desert tank.  

Thanks Spider I was thinking about getting a 3 gallon desert tank but that makes more sense. I found a baja designs keyswitch that was made to interrupt the kill switch for 20$. Should be exactly what I need.

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