Blue wire mod for00426

In reading the post about unplugging the "blue" wire I noticed it worked for almost all the 2001 bikes. My 2000 bike runs and starts great when the temp is above 60 degrees; but when the temp drops it fouls plugs like crazy. What effects have you found on the 00 bikes?

My stepson races a 2000 426 and started fouling plugs at the track a couple of weeks ago. I had read of the blue wire trick here only a few days prior on the 2001 which I have. Decided to give it a shot on his 2ooo and it worked great. It was 35degrees the rest of the day and in the low 40's since and bike starts and runs great ever since.

I would highly recommend it. Would also add that bike has much almost no de-cel backfire now and starts on 1-2 kicks even in cold where as before it always took 3-4. All this with no jetting changes,pilot screw adj.,and all is well.

Hope this helps

I'm going to try it.- also wondering if anyone out there has chatted w/ a factory rep. on this? Please notify us if so.

is there a blue wire to disco on the wr's? i know it has a grey wire .(already dicoed

Do you think that maybe the blue wire is there to help the bike run a little cooler when it is in neutral by reducing the spark?. I always see people asking about how red hot the pipe gets. Mine does aswell. Would disconnecting this blue wire make that situation even worse?. Have any of you that have done this mode noticed any problems to do with over heating?. Just a thought. :)

If anything, diconnecting the blue wire should help with idle running temps. I think that blue wire retards the spark a tad, that would make the engine run a bit hotter. Im going to try it. But I'll check the ignition timing prior to disconnection, then after, to find the alteration.

I haven't read here lately. Will someone please explain the blue wire mod and what is does and how to do it? I have an 01 426. Thanx!


Look for a post on March 25 by Norman that is titled "Possible Fouling Fix". It has 52 replies, which is about as many as I've ever seen on TT.

Worked for me. :)


any disadvantages form the blue wire unplugging?

Were is the blue wire? I do alot of winter riding. It starts great if I pump it 3-5 times when it is 0 degrees. I am color blind.

Anybody with a 2000 done this??? Results???

Garrett, YOU DA MAN!

Great pics.

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