WR450F just bought, major issues running!

I just read that but still am a little confused. Should I have not wired the headlight into the tusk kit to have off/low/high without doing a high output stator? Headlight still will only come on when bike is started, so what really is different?

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Bump, I am still having issues and can't get anything figured out. I have read some stuff about upgrading the stator when putting on a street legal kit. Does this have to be done, or can you just connect straight to positive and negative on the battery like I did?

Have you tried disconnecting the street legal kit (but leave it on the bike) and ride it around to see what happens?  And/or did you ever take the carb apart?

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Your changing too many things at once to diagnose a problem.  You stated the problem didn't exist until you installed the dual sport kit.  By the way, you can't add a dual sport system without connecting to the factory harness\system at some point. That's where you should have started.


Changing pipe and jetting, vapor lock and new stator are all distractions (and in some cases not the best advise) to solving a simple problem.  Best bet in my opinion, to go back to square one, return the bike to the condition it was when you bought it.  See how it runs, if there are problems, fix those.  Then add one thing at a time and then test.  Never change  multiple items at once unless you have a clear understanding of the systems effected and their interaction.

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