black sideplates?

Who makes them and who carries them?

C'mon, help a brother out. Does no one know this?

I believe Acerbis has black side panels. I saw an ad in MXA Mag recently for the black plastic kit, but it was fitted on a YZ85! They may have it available for the yzf's. :)

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I know Maeire makes them but I would be a fool to recommend them to anyone but my enemy!!!

I have never had good luck with maeire(???spelling??) products!

Never fit and very SHABBY FINISH WORK.

I alway had to redrill holes to fit right!

The only black plastic you will find are the parts that also fit the YZ 2 stroke. I called Acerbis and they said there are no future plans for black...not enough demand. It's funny that they already make black for the CRF.

We should fill up their email inbox with requests for black plastic, mabey they would reconsider.

I was looking into getting balck sideplates also but i live in Canada and its twice as hard to get parts here,and if you guys are having trouble i might just paint mine like felix did.

just paint them ,that paint has been on my side panels for 9 months. Look at the pics still good shape,guess what, i can repaint them also!!!

The only black plastics (from a good manufacturer) you can get for the 426 are fenders. Believe me, I have looked and called places for months.

This might sound kind of stupid to some of you, but I ended up using black number plate background on some white shrouds. I have the acherbis white tank for hare scrambles got the white shrouds for $20 off of ebay. After getting my ama numbers which are black background and white numbers (open c class) I bumped my head and had a great idea to convert my bike to black and white. Got the black fenders put on. Cut out a template for the shrounds and got a couple of the large black background sheets. After a little windex and a blow dryer I now have a black and white ys 426. It's not perfect (I know how some people are with their bikes). But, the home made template worked out good for me.

Yes, you are right, I was really bored! Too much time on my hands and a six pack and I get all kind of stupid ideas.

opps, that would be a yz not the new stealth, light and easy to start ys.

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