2012 - 2015 WR450 starter Amperage draw

Can anyone tell me or measure their 2012-2015 WR450 amperage draw when starting their bike?


I measured mine at 80-90 amps, but don't know what range it should be in.


I measured the voltage drop on the positive side and negative side from the battery to the starter. Both sides had a voltage drop of 0.5 volts.


With that said I just started using semi-synthetic oil. And that has helped with the bike starting. It'll now start every time in neutral. When in gear it'll start up right away about 2/3 of the time, the other third I'll have to hold the throttle WOT for a few cranks, then no throttle before it'll start up. Or I can use the sure fire method of using the kicker.


My bike is a 2012, have a Shorai battery, 14Ah 210 CCA, competition ECU with the CO set to -5.



edit: with the improvements I saw with semi-synthetic oil, I'll probably try full synthetic on my next oil change to see if there are further improvements in starting. 

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Well I tried, but my amp clamp only does AC and my meter only does 10A Max.

But, I gotta swing by the shop tomorrow morning and I'm sure my clamp there does DC. I'll let you know.....

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Thanks JonRack.


P.S. I should add, that besides switching to semi-synthetic. I've also changed my oil grade from 20W50 to 10W40. Seems foolish that I was running 20W50 in Canada.

With the Fluke set to max, I got 94A once and 69A the other time. I'm running Yamalube 10W40 and the bike was cold (61°F)

Thanks for checking. As I mentioned earlier I got readings from 80 to 90 amps, so we're in the same ballpark.



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