Cam cover gasket 14 450

Have searched and read most of the threads pertaining to the problem of a ripped cam cover gasket and I want to clear up some doubts I have before I put the 3rd gasket in, here's my story.

At about 3 hours checked valves and buttoned it back up, noticed a tiny amount of yamabond on the half moons that about all.

Went for a short ride and oil is pissing all over the rear of the head cylinder.

Oh well better heed the advice of the manual to use sealant, clean up and resell.

Over the course of a few attempts of sealing it with silicone it has always seeped a small amount in one spot or another.

Then it starts pissing out the spark plug drain hole.

New gasket and yamabond both sides seemed to do the trick until about 5 hours later then she's spewing out the plug hole again.

An hour or so before the new gasket I had fitted an Acerbis plastic skid plate and had to reroute the breather down behind the frame spar, behind the rad hose and into the void under the engine.

The hose was pinched a bit so I am going to reroute it to the airboot using the 2010 bits shown in a post on this forum.

Anyhow my questions are,

As per gray racers advice should I just use a few strategically placed spots of contact adhesive on the cover side (let it set) and just install with no sealant at all or put some on the half moons at least.

I am pretty sure it was pressure build up due to the hose being pinched although the gasket was actually torn in 2 places, 1 at the plug cavity and 1 nearby internally.

Getting sick of this, the bike is awesome otherwise but working on my ktm is way easier and I can actually get gaskets to seal on it!!!

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