Forearm Pump

Does anyone have any input on spring loaded squeezers to strenghthen forearms. I heard some negs and pos. I'm going to try something off the wall - hang off a chin-up bar (3 sets of determined time) Who knows, maybe it will help.

Hey everone have a nice easter!

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I've never tried it, but I've heard good things about putting a 10# weight on the end of a string tied to a piece of broom stick. You then hold your arms out and roll it up and down as much as possible. Have fun!

Hey jdyfletch

forearm pump is caused by a few things:

1: Holding on for dear life (I.E. Handle Bar Grip)

2: Upper Arm Strenght (elbow up)

3: Lower Arm Stringht (elbow down)

4: Susepsion

5: Dehydration

All 4 factors can have termendous effects, Here is what I did to train.

1: Slow down

2: Get a girl friend with Big Hooters

3: Dial the suspension in

4: Drink alot of beer ?


To Be serious, Yes the Spring Hand Grinps work, although this will only work your wrist and hand (SirThumper has a good method here),also get some 5, 8 and 10 pound dumbells and start doing wrist curls, Meaning grip the dumbell like you hands are on the bars, lift up and down the dumbell like your twisting the grip. use them for normal curls also. There are some good books on Training for riders.

I used Joel Robert`s method (Joel was the 250 GP Champion in Europe) back when they rode 3 45 minute moto's on bikes with 3" of travel. Not this 2 30 minute Wheenie stuff.

Anyway there I go Joel's method was

Drink Alot and Smoke as many cigeretts as he could and stay out all night partying.

True Story the guy never trained.

Hope it helps but the hooters is somthing to look into

Make sure your fluids are good (Drink alot of water) this is the number one cause for muscle fatique


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Release your thumbs from the bars every now and then. It's pretty much impossible to hang on too tight if you don't have a "lock" on things via the thumbs.

Make a conscious effort to to that and it will help a lot.

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