The Perfect Ride.....

Check out the "Bikes For Sale Forum" My back up bike is now for sale, Loaded to the hilt, Just Add Gas!

Bonzai :)

Hey Kaze !

How have you been doing? Haven't seen you around in these parts in quite some time. You are sellin all your bikes? What up with that?

Take care,


I have been running hard since last Sept racing Harescrambles and GNCC's. I'm just thinning the herd a bit. My foster son Brian went in the Army last july and I had initially spent $2500.00 to have my mechanic completely go thru and replace everything in the motor in preparation for using it as a backup bikt to the 426. However Scott did such a great job with my 426 that the 400 mostely just sits in the race trailer, except for a few laps around the track once a month to keep the seals lubricated. It is a truly fantastic bike, but honestly I don't need two. I would much rather see someone enjoy it on a weekly basis than have it sit in the trailer. My mechanic Scott, is at every race now and takes care of things on the spot, I figure thats enough insurance. Like I told someone earlier, I figured that I would make it available to my TT brothers at a discount for about a week, then roll it out in front of my sponsors shop "Cycle Speciality" in Fayetteville Ga and let the public have a shot at it.

Good to hear from you....

Bonzai :)

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