xr650r. Lost rightside seat bolt. Replacement bolt?

My right side seat bolt came out. Do I have to order the replacement from Honda or is this a bolt I could find at a hardware store? What size is it? I couldn't find the size in the manual.

if you are really into keeping the bike stock-then you will need to order the bolt-as it is a bit different than what you will be buying off the shelf at the local hardware store-but if you live in Guam and need to just get the seat to stay on-then take the other bolt out-and take it to the hardware store for a match-they are the same size threads-although the one on the right is 1/4" or so longer...add a washer and the side panel might stay on longer...

I typically hit the hardware store and pickup a stainless steel replacement. Then wait till another one or two falls off then place an order when I have several. Hate the shipping costs / special order costs for just one.

I hear there's something called loc-tite? :)

I get all my hardware at OSH. They have the flanged bolts in stock.


the part numbers to ask for are~

RHS 90106-mbn-670 (8x21)

LHS 96300-08016-00 (8x16)

Lost mine after putting caliper kit in too keen for a ride EH!

Dust from lapping others is sweet.....

honda uses the best fasteners which is why hondas still feel solid after years of use. the other big 3 manufacturers outsource their fasteners to companies based in china and other locales.

use what you gotta use to get through your next ride but try to only use oem honda fasteners longterm. they are a major part of what gives honda's their great quality.

I agree with Thunderchicken. Honda fasteners are much higher grade material than the soft cheap stuff at hardware stores. I've never had to order fasteners. Just visit good Honda dealer and parts dept. should have them. Think about it... :) Have you ever checked out some guys bike that has cheap fasteners and homemade stuff on it? You just have to laugh.

I am using thread-lock as well...almost lost that one on the first ride. Not a bolt that you take out very often, so I believe the orange or green Honda-Lock would be fine.

That's interesting. I did a temporary replacement with a hardward store bolt and it did feel really soft when I screwed it in. I thought it might have been in my head.

Thanks for all the help.

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