Bike frame for sale

Hello everyone. Im a newbie to I ride a 2001 YZ426F and ride mostly motocross in the southeast,tx area. I also have another 2001 YZ426F without a motor which i will sale the frame if someone is interested. C-ya.

What do you want for it???

I am interrested. how much? email me at thanks

I am asking $500.00 for it. It is just the frame. If you are interested in it page me at 409-726-5306 and i'll call you back and give more details.Thanks.

What about the rear aluminum subframe? I just bent mine up pretty nice. I've gotten it straightened out but wouldn't mind have a spare.

Oops, if you are interested in selling the subframe, let me know how much.

Man, I'm going back home and getting in bed. Forgot my email in three posts. :)

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