Quiet 05 YZ450F exhaust? $200 or less

The previous owner put a titanium exhaust on the 05 yz450f its REALLY LOUD my neighborhood hates me now I'm not trying to be a A-Hole. Does any one suggest a specific quiet exhaust less than $200?

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Maybe someone is willing to exchange your exhaust with a stock one. the WR 450 has a much bigger muffler and it would take some effort to make it fit.

Just get a quiet insert for the muffler you have

The brand should offer at least one.

It will drop it several db.


You will never get it quiet unless you put on a quiet type muffler.


Lexx is the cheapest, or a used stock WR with a GyTR insert tip.


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You might simply need to repack the thing.  Could be worth looking.

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