Becoming frustrated with Rausch Creek

For anyone who rides there, they are becoming very arrogant. If only people would decide to not go there, and force them to change their 'policies'.

Yesterday my dad and I went there. First time for dad riding since he broke three ribs and punctured lung. Well, we showed up at 2:00, started riding, and were really likeing the track, great temps, hardly any dust, great traction. Lo-and-behond, out comes the water truck. The guy soaked the crap out of the track. Faces of jumps, turns, straights, downslopes of jumps in turns, EVERYTHING. Puddles everywhere. They even watered the new 'rhythm' section to the hilt. 5 people went down within 10 minutes of the watering, one fairly hurt.

I went by the water truck, and motioned with my hand for them to STOP the water. Then I proceeded to yank the clutch, red-line the bike, and tear off (still in the track) as fast as I could.

Next lap, the guy pulls his little three wheeler in front of me, and tells me to pack my stuff up, I am OUT. I have 5 minutes or they are calling the cops. Needless to say, we had it out. (I never get mad either, but I was ticked at the water). There were close to 2 dozen riders on the track before the watering, less than 6 after everyone started going down. My dad then came up, as he had stopped riding for a bit as the track was so icy. He got into a very good and diplomatic, yet very firm discussion with the same guy. In time, he proceeded to kick HIM out too.

We didn't leave, and rode for another 2 hours. To which I proceeded to jump everything on the track and show them that I can deal it out, I know what I'm talking about.

They claim it is their policy to water the track so there is no dust, or the D.E.R. will shut them down.

I ask, is it the policy to water the track so hard, there is not only no dust, but the place is SO SLIPPY you cannot even ride??!!

I am not a beginner rider. I am hoping to upgrade to expert class by the mid point of the season. Derfinitely for next year. I can dice it with just about anyone out there. Yet, I found the course to be trecherous. (Spelling!?!).

They claimed then that we were the only two complaining. Yet, when we talked to all the guys that WERE riding, they agreed the track was WAY over-watered.

People, we need to start talking to these facilities. I understand they need to water, dust is a sensitive issue in this hole of a state. BUT, they can water in moderation, and DO NOT water hard rock turns, faces of jumps that it is critical to keep the gas on the whole time, or jumps through turns!!! Yes, the expert riders can do it fine, but NOT everyone riding there is an expert!! I can do it, and compensate, but I don't always want to push myself to the edge. Sometimes I just want to go ride and have fun. They ruin that. When a track is turned into a terrible condition by the promoter or manager, we as the CUSTOMER need to say something.

Someone else came out and watered the track at about 4:00. There were still tons of slippy areas, and alot of standing water still from the 2:30 watering. This guy bypassed all that, did NOT water the faces, and generally used a MUCH lighter spray, as well as drove FASTER around. What he did was make a slightly slippy surface, that after 10 minutes tacked up beautifully. NOT, 2 and a half or more hours later, still had puddles and icy conditions.

C'mon fellas, we need to all work on this. If they mess it up, SAY SOMETHING TO THEM!!!

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