First start of a rebuilt motor

Any dos or donts? Do i need to turn by hand first with spark plug out?

I would recommend slow rotation by hand on the kickstarter for a few times. If for no other reason than to confirm there is no binding, the rings are seated properly, and the valve timing is set correctly. After a few passes, button everything up and kick its ass.

With spark plug in or out?

Video too


Spark plug out will be easier.

I took the spark plug out of mine and gently kicked the kick-start and felt/listened for what I hoped wasn't there. Once happy, kicked it harder and faster to splash a bit of oil around. Put the plug back in and fired it up with the oil pressure plug loose and waited for oil to appear. Once it did, switch it off and tighten the plug up.

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Oil pressure plug?

Aye, it's on the left hand side of the motor shown in the centre of the pics.


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