Widest Rear Tire for XR650L


What is the widest rear tire that will fit my 2001 XR650L?


I have a 01650r and a 120 fits I have heard of 140 tera flexs but I can tell a difference for sure with the added mass. It does not rev out as fast as it used to so unless you are truly wanting a larger tire dont do it stick with the smallest I dont know what size that is on a L my.02

My buddy has a Pirelli MT-21 130/90-18. That's plenty big. It barely fits throught the swingarm and will rub on the upper chain guard metal tabs on the left swingarm. You'll have to "bend" them out of the way to clear the knobs. :)

I'm running a Dunlop D-606 120/90-18. Fits perfectly and REALLY hooks up off-road! :D

I also run the 130-90-18, but I never noticed it rubbing on anything, guess that's a good thing. :)

I've been switching back and forth for a couple changes between the pirrelli(as wide as possible but no rubbing) and the Dunlop 606. I think that the Dunlop hooks up plenty and i kinda like the narrower tire, it seems to carve better and is feels better on the road, just my not so humble opinion. I hear that alot of race teams use the pirelli bu only the 120.

Are you looking for the WIDEST or just concerned about sizing? I'm waffeling between the D-606 as recommended by Dual Dog 120/90-18, and the Michelin BAJA 140/80-18 as recommended by Kiethco. He says his fits on a XR400 but I'm afraid the old XRL swingarm is to narrow. The 140/80-18 is the same as a 5.60-18 if that helps. Doing some checking today will let you know

Are you looking for the WIDEST or just concerned about sizing?

I'm just worried about sizing. I'm looking at getting a Maxxis M6006 130/80-18 and other 130's and just want to be sure it fits.

The honda xr650l will accept a tire measuring 135mm to 140mm wide in the rear. I said measuring, not marked on the sidewall ! I run a s12 Michelin 140/80x18 with good results in the Florida sand. I have installed and measured a fair number of tires, I might have measured the one you're interested in. When installing a wide tire remove the disc guard, do not try to flex it out of the way, it will crack ! :)

I am planning to rip of the stock chainguard and fit a 140 Metzeler Karoo (v.aggressive tyre) in the next few days.

Will report back.

I know the 140 Michelin Desert fits (and that's a BIG tyre!) Excuse my Euro-spelling. :)

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