Common problem, easy solution

I was royally pissed off when my pilot screw FELL OUT, and ended my day prematurely. I was even more pissed when that little bugger cost me over 30 bucks to replace. My solution is so simple I think everyone should do it as a precaution: Simply put a couple thin strips of duck tape (if you can't duck it...&%$#@! it!) or elec tape over the little hole. That way if it backs out onya, at least it won't fall out!!! If you got a kouba maybe you should wrap a thin piece of wire to anchor it to the carb. Don't let your pilot ruin your day!!

Sorry about your luck. I'm not taking any chances, I just tightened all of my carb screws, checked my spoke oil, and made sure my radiator resavoir (the one w/the big black cap w/the tube sticking out of the center) was topped of with radiator fluid- took to ludes and a Budweiser and hit the sack.

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