2003 Starter, Battery Drain?

So out of the blue my bike started making a squealing noise in the starter and seems to drain the battery super fast. Thought it was a bad battery so i replaced it, same problem. Is it just a bad starter or maybe another electrical problem? Rather new to this. Thanks

Have you done the starter clutch recall upgrade?


Read the FAQ section at the top of the forum

While replacing the 2003 idler gear with the 2004+ damper gear is highly recommended, it isn't his problem in this case.


Squealing noise tends to be the bushing in the starter motor is done.   Rebuildable, but parts are difficult to source and

the windings and other parts are probably marginal at this point.   Better to replace it.


Other source of noise would be the starter clutch, which is bolted to the back of the flywheel.   They generally don't

"squeal" though...    the sounds are more metallic in nature as the clutch struggles to get a grip on the flywheel drive


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