anybody want an 01 250F

I currently race an 02 mxc 200 and joyride a yz 250f (woods). I love my 250f but for a play bike I would like something with a little more horse. I've got a few trade-in quotes from some dealers for a 426 and I'm not happy with them at all. This 250f has never been raced, has low hours, and has had an oil/filter change after every ride. I take better care of my bikes than some people take care of thier kids. I'm looking to trade my 250f (some $$) for an 01 or 02 YZ426 in ex. shape. I refuse to get hosed by the dealer and don't have the patience to wait for it to sell. I live in northeast ohio. If interested email me at

to bad you aint in TX..i have a perfect 01 426 with all kinds of goodies but thinking about a 250f

calvin, check your pm... i live in southeastern michigan and am interested in a trade. :)

Sorry guys I have to call the trade off. I got a killer deal on a brand new 01 yz 426.

well dadgummit!!...guess im gonna go the 2 smoker route then..the weight of the 426 is killin my puney butt...anybody got an 01 or newer 2 smoker for trade?


JR, I sold a very clean, low hour CR250 to a friend of mine, its a 2000 model but hasnt been ridden much at all. If you are serious he would rather have had a 426 but is getting married. We are both from Texas so if your interested e-mail me.


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