Having some troubling installing Acerbis 3.3ga fuel tank on 2003 WR450



I chose this tank because all the reviews looked good on it.  Granted they are all about 10yrs old.


I am running into a few issues.


At first I couldn't get the tank to go all the way down on the frame.  I saw it was touching a rubber bumper that fits over the frame near the back right of the tank.  I removed the bumper and now the tank slides all the way down but the tank is now touching the frame.




Also, the cutout for the kickstarter is nowhere near the kickstarter.




Finally, since I have an 03, I read I needed to use YZ radiator shrouds.  So I ordered factory YZ shrouds.  They kinda fit, I was able to get 3 of the 4 screws in but the 4th is way off.




Here is an overall picture.




Anyone have similar issues?

I have the same bike and tank - no problems. did need YZ shrouds.

I have the same bike and tank - no problems. did need YZ shrouds.


Hmmm, do you have any idea what might be causing my issues.  Does the tank look the same shape as yours?

I think your kick starter is off one tooth. Good way to break the starter shaft.

Welcome to the world of aftermarket tank. I sometimes use a prybar to get mine on.

Check the VIN on the bike to confirm the year.

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