Magura Jack Problems - Help?

Weekend before last went for a ride and did a lot of gnarly hill climbs, kind of rugged riding in general - went down a bunch of times, none too major as I didn't break anything on my bike, mostly just get-offs. None the less, my clutch got a lot of use that day. When I got home and cleaned my bike I noticed that when I pulled the clutch in and let it out, the Magura slave cylinder would click (only one "click" per stroke). It was just a little click on the release. I though no biggie, so I ignored it and by this last Saturday it had actually disappeared. So I head out on my ride, more of the same hill climbs, but more single track trails where you can open up and rip. About mid day I noticed that I was leaking some fluid from my slave cylinder, the whole area of my slave and clutch arm was wet with fluid. Not like the fluid was pouring out, but slowly leaking enough to wet the area of about a 6" diameter circle around the slave. Toward the end of the day, I was climbing this gnarly rutted-out hill and got all squirrelly and dropped my bike with the left side (clutch side) on the downhill. I pulled the clutch in when the bike was down (maybe got air in it?) and eventually made it up the hill from that point. When I got to the top, I noticed I didn't have much clutch pull, and the clutch was dragging some. About 10 minutes later of limited use, I had no clutch left. When I pulled the clutch lever in, the slave would not do anything. Yesterday I checked the oil level in the master cyl. and It was not too low, but I could tell there was some missing. Has anyone had this happen?

So does this sound like air got in the line or something? Why would it be leaking from the slave? Do I need to rebuild the slave? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

I wanted to ride it too at the end of the day, but with no clutch, the test ride can wait till next time. Did you add fluid when you got home and if so did that bring it back. Not real familiar with that clutch system but I am sure you will need to bleed it. Nice day riding HUH. thanks for the barley pop. What did you think about those guys cutting the snow. Crazy, insane. Looked like alot of work. Maybe next time we can blast through.

Yeah, I had a good time, I should have let you ride it at that nice shady hill climb, that would have been a good spot. I checked the oil level in the master yesterday, looked like I lost a little oil but not much. I am more worried about the oil leak at the slave right now. The YZ 450 cam made so much difference in the way the bike ran, it was insane how much low end it added. It was like I had a new bike... Let me know when you are up here next, we need to do the Wild Wood ride as soon as the snow melts a little more....

An update to this clutch scenario - I talked to Lonnie Schultz in the Magura service dept and he said he would either send me a brand new slave cylinder for me to install myself or I could send in my clutch to him and he would install and bleed a new slave for me. To me customer service is the bread and butter of a company. To have service like this makes me realize that there still are people out there that make products to get people stoked, not just to get their money. I just want you guys to know that Magura will stand behind their products and will take care of their customer hands down. A big pat on the back for Magura USA..... :)

was it the problem that you thought, air getting in or was it something else. every since travis talked about wildwood I have wanted to go. Living up there during high school was great but I didn't have the money or toys to thoroughly enjoy that place. So many fun things for the outdoorsman to do. Later.

The slave is blown. Im sending it in today for a free new slave and getting a steel braided line put on. Gotta love warranty replacements!

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