Air Filter tips.

For anyone that is getting fouled plugs, and the "bog" someone nailed one of the reasons in a prior post. Air Filter Oil. If your bike sucks filter oil you're not going to have a good day. Our wonderful blue thumpers have so much vacum that they can literally suck the filter oil through the carb. A trick that works good for me is to oil a few filters ( I have 4 now..geeeeez..) at least a day before my rides so they can hang and most of the excess oil that I may have added will drain. If anyone else has any filter tips, or anything that works for cleaning/oiling let me know. I'm always up for new ideas too.

If you have oil dripping then you've added a LOT of oil. It's only necessary to coat it, not soak it. I personally find the aresol cans of oil much easier to use as the pour method tends to make it harder not to soak the filter. Once you've applied the oil using your favorite method, roll it into a ball and squeeze it as hard as you can (DO NOT WRING!) and hold it for a few seconds. Most excess will come out. If you still think there's a little extra then you can wad up a rag or paper towells and put them inside the filter and give it another squeeze. I highly recommend the aresol cans as it's much easier not to over oil. I've done it both ways and they are far worth the extra few pennies to me. Hope this helps. :)


Ditto Again SirThumper

But just to add I like to hold my filter a little close and whisper sweet nothings in its Foam :)

I use Belray very very lite, maybe 1 OZ and really work the oil through then let it sit for a bit before I place back into the air box. I use greese but am going down to take a look at the pro-seal today.

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