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I was going to change my gearing to 14-45. Any experience with Renthal, Sidewinder or JT Pro Series sprockets, my shop has the JT Pro Series brand. How does the 14-45 combo work. Thanks

sidewinder, ironman, or really any steel sprocket will do. Avoid aluminum unless you intend to change it all out agian in 1000 miles or so...45 is a good way to go.

Baja racers and some motarders will go with 15/45. Dakar racers will even pull 16/45!

Instead of changing the rear to a 45 keep the stock 48 tooth sprocket and go with a 15 tooth front sprocket. I'm sure the 15/48 gearing will be pretty close to the 14/45 that you want. The 15 tooth front sprocket can easily be changed back to the 14 tooth sprocket if needed.


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I use 14/45 for desert riding...need the top end, and 1st (with stock sprockets)useless in soft sand for going ANYWHERE!! Bike easily handles change! :)

Thanks for replys. The reason I wanted to go with 45 rear sprocket is I wanted to lenthen my wheelbase to help with the added speed. I ended up with the JT brand I'll see how it works. I'll be in baja this weekend going to gonzaga bay from santa maria to try it out :cool:thanks gotta get ready :)

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