Swing Arm Worn

Spotted this tonight 




Do I need to do something about it?

Yes. A good tig welder can fill that in. Left alone it would probably develop stress cracks and get larger. Just my opinion.

Ouch, under the chain guard too so with out removing that you would never see it. Makes me think about taking mine off to make sure mine doesn't look like that. Is that an 06-09 bike?

Yep, 07. Pulled the swing arm out tonight. There's one thing that always amazing me and that is how fast these bikes come apart and back together again. You can really tell they're designed for track side repairs.

Spoke to the fabricators next door to where I work today and showed him the above photo to which he replied, "yeah, no bother, a bit of 3mil plate and it'll be like new". I liked the sound of that so it'll go in tomorrow.

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