wr426 gearing

Hey guys its time that I change my chain and sprockets on my 2001 wr426, i ride primarily on the road, but i still want to be able to ride the trails off road. what gearing do you guys recommend i get? and could you tell me about what speeds each gear would be capable of cruising on the road? Thanks!

15 front, 48 rear. Cruise dirt roads at 50-55 smooth. 60 slight vibes begin. Does great for trail riding.

what does it top out at with that gearing?

also, will i be able to pop dank wheelies with the 15/48?   :goofy:

Never went over 70, but it has further to go. I'm a woods trail rider, concidered fast. Never topped out because top speed is not in my type of riding,, that's supermoto conversion street riding stuff. I have knobbi tires for dirt.

Awesome i think i will go with that gearing, thanks

what size chain do you recommend i use?


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