WR 450F Brake Light Issue

Gday all,


I bought a 2012 WR450F which came with a box of the ADR compliant stuff off the bike from the previous owner. I have been putting it back on over the weekend to get it road registered to be able to ride around town and trails being legit, as we don't have rec registration here in SA. I'm planning on taking it for an inspection as soon as I can sort the problem I'm having.


The Problem I've encountered is: the brake lights wont work, however the tail light does, its led so its not a blown globe as one guy at a shop told me.

The switches on both master cylinders are hooked up, has anyone else had this problem? What do you think it would be? I don't have a good wiring diagram that shows where on the bike connectors are but am handy with some electrical. Any input appreciated. :thumbsup:

For anyone who has the same problem, it turned out to be that the spring activated switch at the rear brake lever was adjusted all the way in. The rear led was double brightness and always on, the rear brake switch was constantly on. All it required was adjusting the plastic nut near the swingarm so it switched on/off when the pedal was depressed. 

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