Question from a DRZ 400e guy on fair price for 2004 WR450?

I have ridden a KTM 450 exc and 525 exc and prefer the WR450 to them. I live in San Antonio, Texas. What is a fair price for a WR450 that is uncorked with all the usual things you have to do to make the throttle open up all the way and doing the wire mod, etc. Stock exhaust.

I live in Fortsmith AR and went to a local dealer recently. He told me I could purchase a brand new 04 for $100 dollars above his price which he said was just under 5500. So, he said I could have one for around $5600 or a little less.

You said you rode both the KTM and the WR450. I originally wanted to buy a WR, but am not sure now. Maybe want a KTM 525EXC. Can you explain to me why you choose the WR over the other two?

525exc v. wr450. First off the 525 definitely has more power than the 450. But it is geared way too high for the tight woods riding and the suspension is too soft for any type of motocross action. The 450 will hang with the 525 as far as a drag race but will top out way before the 525. The 450 felt lighter and more nimble to me and felt more natural to me right off the bat. I had to get used to the 525 before I felt comfortable on it. Those are my reasons.

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