Electrical Fault, keep blowing Indicators/Headlight

Hi, I have an 09' WR450F Which i purchased end of January, have put a decent amount of money and elbow grease making this baby like new again. But after getting her running smoothly I have now encountered another problem. My bulbs keep blowing, I've blown about 4-5 sets of indicators now and 3 headlights.

At first i thought, coincidence maybe, second time i was suspicious so i went over wiring and made sure everything was ok, cut the clips off and put new ones on all the wiring to do with indicators and headlight, then blew another set.... Then thought shit, i touched those with my fingers like an idiot, could've been that all along (maybe?) Nope onto another set, then a mate said the bikes aren't made to run without a light on (i bought a new tusk switch to turn my headlight off) so ran the bike with headlight on, blew headlight then left indicator.

Now i'm unsure, done some resistance testing to my regulator/rectifier i am pretty confident she's F$$$$D.


(although i'm a complete noob when it comes to multi-meters, i've watched youtube tutorials on how to, but my regulator seems different, they call the live wire the positive cable from the battery plug, but the wr regulator only has a negative on the battery plug? when putting either the positive or negative cables from the multimeter i don't get a reading (on diode) from the regulator, however my stator plug has 3 cables coming from it, 1 grey, 1 sort of creamy beige and one red, if i put the positive multimeter on the positive stator cable from the regulator and the negative from the multimeter on the other connections on the stator plug i get a reading only from 1 connection it's fkn weird)

this is a link to the picture, of the regulator


so in the picture i put the postive multi on the red connection, i get a reading to the yellow but nothing else, i put black multi on red connection i get reading to nothing, i put red on anything else, no reading, black on anything else, no reading.... Someone explain that shit to me, i'm DEFINATELY putting it on diode. Yes the multimeter seems fine as it gets diode readings on other things.


However when doing battery volt test my revs don't go above 13.7v? bike off, volts were 12.5ish (can't remember exact number but was about that give or take .1 - .2   @ Idle volts were 13.5-13.7 with rev 13.7 they basically didn't go up.


I'm at a loss here, I don't know what to look for, I figure the regulators fooked, the bloke i bought it from,probably ran it with a flat battery probably for years. But at the same time, i don't want to pay all this money if it's a bad earth i can't find.... What are the chances of a bad earth?

My only symptoms are blowing indicators/headlights, The battery seems to charge fine, (could be just about flat, then go for a small cruise and it's charged) I doubt it's vibrations as the lights blow before i even get to a trail.


If it is a faulty regulator, then i'll just get the floating ground done. It's not cheap and i can't afford it, but i hardly see the point of putting in a weak oem regulator that doesn't run hid lights anyway.


What do you all think? is it something i haven't pointed out here, is it possible it's an earth or is the regulator just messing with my bulbs, it doesn't make sense to me that it's not blowing fuses.


What are some more tests i can do to narrow it down? (Will need in-depth descriptions on how to, as i'm new to the multi-meter literally got my first one yesterday haha)

Cheers for the help, Just want my baby to be perfect


Check the voltage at the bulb as it runs on its own ac feed from the stator and not from the battery

Theres another thread on here now with exact same problem

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