Any other Alaskan's here?

Am I the only Alaskan on ThumperTalk?


Alaskan rider, '00 WR400FM, WR timing, air box lid removed,Throttle stop trimmed,Baffle removed, MSR skid plate, Works frame guards.


'00 Grizzly YFM600

I grew up in Anchorage, but live in the Phoenix area now. Does that count?

Hello Jeff, X Anchortown hood guy,

It only counts if you have a Thumper in Anch and come back on weekends to ride.

I was hoping to find a local riding partner and didn’t believe I’d get a response at all so any reply is a good start.

You went from one weather extreme to another didn’t you? I grew up Anchorage also and often think of moving somewhere warm; those thoughts hit me about every October.

So, what school and year, why did you leave, do you miss it here and how does the riding there compare?

I graduated from Service in '89. I went to college in Oregon and ended up down here afterward. It's nice to be able to ride year round, although we've got to head out earlier as the weather gets warmer. Occasionally, we'll head out at 4:00am to beat the heat in the middle of summer. The dust out here can get pretty bad between rain storms and there's nothing that compares to crashing into a cactus. Most of the riding I did around Anchorage was in the winter on a 3-wheeler or snowmobile, mainly in a sand pit that ran between Lake Otis and the airstrip to the east, just North of Huffman road. I'm sure there's lots of houses around there now. I made it out to Kincaid park a couple of times and rode down on the beach at Anchor Point once. Out here, it's one extreme or another. You're either riding in sand washes or rock. We'll occasionally get to Glamis or some other area with sand dunes. This Memorial Day, we're heading up around Flagstaff to Cinder Hills for a weekend in cooler weather. It's basically some old cinder cones with deep pulverized rock.

I've managed to make it back to Alaska the last three summers for some fishing and would move back in an instant if I had the chance. Unfortunately, there's not any companys making satellites up there. Everyone here claims that you'll get used to the heat after a while, but I haven't after 7 years. I refuse to aclimate!

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