Easier Clutch Pull, Revisited. (Oops!)

OK, some of you may have seen my post in the most recent "easy clutch pull" thread where I posted that I did the same mod as Scott in KC by drilling the new anchor hole for the cable end. I said how the clutch pull felt to be 30-50% lighter, probably closer to 30%.

Well, as luck would have it, I managed to have reinstalled the cable end into the original hole and not the new one that I machined. Not sure how I managed that one, but I did. I didn't realize it until I had the bike loaded on the truck and was standing there talking to a friend and I pulled the cover back to show him.

So, now that I've installed the cable end into the correct hole, I have to say "Wow!", the pull is much lighter. Huge difference. It is "125 light", as Jason says. No problems with adjustment or anything. I just adjusted so there was a tiny amount of free play in the lever.

Much better now! :)

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