WR450F Frame Cover/Decal?

I used to have a CRF450R that the previous owner put carbon fiber frame covers on which protected the frame of the bike and also looked really sharp. Anyone have any idea where I might find adhesive or bolt on covers/decals for the aluminum frame (near the motor) where your boots run on the frame? I've looked all over and can't seem to find anything. Thank you! 



<!--no data in this master skin-->also comes with a grey/silver finish tried to edit but not working right. This stuff can be found at advance auto. Boot was wearing on clutch case

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1468318838.219929.jpg

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I use carbon fiber covers:



I use carbon fiber covers:


Hey Atomic where did you get the carbon covers? That's what I'm thinking I want. Any idea if the 08 WR frame is the same as the 08 YZ frame so if I can't find ones for the WR then I can just get ones for the YZ? Thank you!

Check out Hyde Racing

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