Southeast,Texas riders

Looking to meet some riders from southeast texas area. I ride motocross but will ride some enduro.

What tracks you ride at? I ride at Splendora, 290, Rio, 3 Palms, Highlands, Gator, and I heard Skeeter's is re-opening (I guess the owner got out of jail again LOL) Im #393 w/yellow backgrounds BTW Later,


Yea, I'm with motoman, same tracks. What is Skeeters? Never heard of that one, where's it at. BTW, Thanks for the help with the Race Tech stuff Motoman, I'm stylin!

Same here - usually Splendora, 3 Palms or Gator. Finally put some numbers on my bike (#53). I usually ride Saturdays because I can't wait until Sunday. I'll be out this Sat afternoon at 3 Palms and Sunday at either Highlands or Splendora.

I just drove by Skeeter's tonight and they are totally redoing it! John, the guy who worked the dozer for Mills Road, is rebuilding Skeeter's! They were open in the early-mid 90's and closed was a tight/technical SX style track, but who knows how it will be after they get finished. My friend Matt (Matt406) went with me today and he wrote down the #...Im sure he will post the phone # when he reads this. They said the track would be done in about 2wks and it is only about 10 miles from my house WOOHOO! I will for sure be there opening weekend. Later,


BTW how does your suspension work?

Oh I forgot it is in Alvin!


They said they hope to be completely done by the end of April, I havent called yet so I dont know if it has a answering machine yet or not, but make a call in about 2 weeks to see. It looks like alot of fun, and its only 15 min away! Now I can go ride after school, plus they have a night track with lights, so we can ride late too.


I ride at hangtime motocross in lumberton and at highlands. I haven't been to splendora yet, but heard it was good, i am going to try to go soon. The local track near me shut down it use to be Bayou motocross.There is a track in Orange called the Longhorn i have been out there but haven't rode it, it is a supercross style track just not as extreme. Did any of you go to Highlands thursday night? I did and there were alot of riders.

Hey, I ride Hangtime & Longhorn and am also a over 30 rider.

Here is my E-mail address

Give me a shout we'll go riding.

Later, Jason

01 426 # 67

Hey Motoman, the suspension is great. Just like you said. I can't believe the way the bike hooks up in the straights! I noticed the difference right away. It really huges the turns too, I can almost drag the bars in the dirt on the turns and it still holds the line! I'm still working on the settings, but I'm getting close. Did alot of video here at the house Sunday. I like the handling on braking bumps and turns, but I'm still trying to get it stiff enough on flat "pancake" landings. I've been jumping about 65'and flat landing. I went in three on front comp. and two on rear, but it may be too stiff now. The rebound looks good on tape. I have to give Race Tech credit, it was pretty good right out of the box(with their recomended settings).

You guys mention some tracks I'm not familiar with. Does anyone know where there is a good up to date track listing for S.E. Texas? I like to ride different tracks and really prefer SuperX type tracks better than Motox. Of course I have to work on Mondays so nothing too extreme. Anybody got any good suggestions?

Skeeter's use to be more SX oriented, and Im sure when they get done redoing it, it will be the same way! Check your PM's I am getting ready to send you one about your suspenion. Later,


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