leaking 99wr400

How hard is it to replace the seal at the shifter? Is it like the countershaft sprocket, pull the clip ring and replace? Or do I need to pull the shaft out through the clutch side to get to the seal?

Is it just a matter of pulling off the clutch cover, removing the clutch, pull the shaft, change the gasket, replace shaft, replace clutch, new clutch side gasket, put on cover and go?

Thanks Blue dudes! :)

OK this is how I change them. Remove the shifter. In the face of the seal drill a small hole and drill one on straight across from the first. Use very little pressure. Take two small screws and screw them into the holes just a few turns. Now you can take pliers and pull on the screw heads which usually pops the seal right out. This has worked for me in the past quite a few times.

To get the new one in just push it in place with a deep well socket perhaps?

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