If you take your kill button apart.....

....because you sure it is broken when really it's just disconnected from the harness......make sure you don't lose the 'loose' spring inside.


Otherwise, it will act like you are running out of gas when you hit small bumps.....and then you will think it's the tip over sensor, and then you will think it's the clutch lock-out switch, and then you will grow a few brain cells and remember the principle of Occam's Razor... and go back to the only thing YOU have been in contact with, and find out you put it back together wrong, with parts missing.


You will need a clicky-clicky pen spring and some cutters...

Edited by KRANNIE

Not sure if the WR actually has a kill button.....(FX)

Yeah same kill button on the WR.

Yea I did this also. My dealer has moose ones in stock that were exact replacements

Excellent Read

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