1st race....ever

hey guys,just completed my first race ever on big

blue.raced at the fairgrounds in phx..i had severe arm pump and hand cramps(couldnt of done another lap)but kept the sunny side up and had a great time.i was a little dissapointed when a friends kid told me that i needed to jump higher.

i did manage a 7th out of 14 riders so i was pleased.michael blose rode the 125 pro class and wow ....that boy is way fast-cool to see a supercross rider on same track your running.

Which fairgrounds you talkin about?

I didn't know there was a race at the Fair Grounds...

But, very good. I just raced my second ever MX at Speedworld and got 7th in both motos, 125 beginner class. I was on a WR250, LOL.


it was the cmc series,round #3. there will be another may 4th.the track was great-i thought it was technical but still very fun.i will probably

be there in may as well.#57 on 01'426 stop and say

hello if you remember.take care andy.bye the way

it was at the vets memorial,19th and grand.

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Did they set that up inside, or outside?


it was outside in the grandstand/rodeo area.go to www.gomxracing.com and check it out,they have a few pics of the track.

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