A YZDOC story:  This is going to be a long process and probably fall a couple pages back every week or month. But, I am going to start the build thread, shoot the breeze and bench race with all of you as I have in the past. I gotta slow down a little and get working on my CA house so I can sell the box and retire next year to my AZ house.   As you know, I restore the steel frame YZ's, have done an RM125 and a couple of KX 250's (all for friends). BUT, nothing compairs to the YZ as far as solid machines. Really, all the 2 strokes are fantastic and I am by far not a brand pounder. (unless it's a pumpkin, they just have bad egronomics for my fat short build). I try and contribute my experiences, expertise, and knowledge with you all, and I can be weighed, measured, and found wanting in some areas. Not a great bike electrician/troubleshooter, but can find the problem if the bike is in front of me. Not a master tuner, just a weekend basher. Not an expert on what parts interchange through the years, but can help in some areas. Not much of a boaster, look at me, etc. and there is by far a great group and contributers in this YZ 2 stroke forum. FAMILY I consider you all.  I'll be the first to say I screwed up, and willing to be humbled by the more experienced and/or seniors on here.  Firm believer of OEM bearings, seals etc., it is always best to go OEM, but aftermarket saves money. Wiseco, Hotrods, Vertex, Wossner, and ProX, Etc.    When I restore a bike it is my cost plus build fee, and if you think your making money, there is "NO MONEY" in it compaired to the hours spent. I do it because it is  a joy to do, a family of enthusiast to build, and I have met some really cool people along the way that have purchased bikes from me, or just came over and worked on their bikes. Not many are on this forum, but I do here from other buyers from time to time. Good feeling when you get a call or text from someone you sold a bike to a year or so ago and they are still grining from ear to ear with happiness.   I even have guys that never have bought a bike, I have never met in person, but have phone and text conversations with almost weekly. I'm a laid back guy, will share info and help in my shop without a problem, (beer is payment), but like anyone, don't cross my grain, and be a "dou-che-bag".    So, on to YZ builds. This last one, a 2002 YZ250 will be build #22 and a good number, who doesn't like the Australian Chad Reed? LOL Daughter has not given me a green light on proceed for her so I am running my ad in CL and waiting on a hit and/or a deposit for custom build, frame and hubs color choice, and/or WR transmission. Have one on the shelf, great condition and was only a $350 buck ebay bid.   So here is what started it. I got boned from a independant shop in orange about 5 years ago. I have always worked on my own bikes and vehicles. But, I had more money than time back then and typical... in So Cal, you can't trust anyone but yourself.    This is not a bio, or my memoirs. Haha    If you want to add to it with yourself, please feel free.    Photos will be uploaded for #22, the 2002 build soon. I will also add photos of previouse builds because I have over 2000 photos of various stages.    Peace for now.