Started once, then shut off

Just got done witn my rebuild and it started and ran for about 10 seconds then wouldnt crank back up anymore? New plug and coil idk what else to do

Double check your timing. May have skipped a tooth. Make sure your cam chain tensioner is engaged, putting tension on chain before startup

Thanks man , idk what it was but i kicked it all morning yesterday and it still wouldnt start, my dad got on it and it wouldnt start either he handed it back to me it crunk up and stayed on now it cranks no problem! Now i gotta get it to idle .. Its my yz426f posted in wrong section

If it won't idle, it won't want to start without holding the throttle partially open, and 426's don't like that very much.

It starts with just choke but once choke go in it shuts off

Pilot jet or passageways are clogged.

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