2007 WR450 Engine Case

I broke the left side of my engine case. (Clutch cable lever mount)(Sprocket guard mount).

A couple questions.

I found a used left side 2009 yz case. Would that be compatible? They do have different part numbers, I am hoping the left side is the same and the right case is different. If they are the same, what are the odds the crankshaft alignment will be ok.

Second question,

If buying used won't work, are there any alternatives to buying Oem which starts at about $700 for the case?


The 2006 YZ would be the closest fit, but even that I believe will not work because of the different crankshaft

The 2009 YZ is a completely different motor


Keep an eye on ebay, and contact some of the dismantlers posting there.


If you  can't find a cheap case, I would part the bike out and move on........

And also engine cases are matched pairs and should always be replaced as a set

cheapest one I could find new: $544




comes as a matched set with both sides, but you would need seals, gaskets, etc along with labor unless you are doing it yourself.


Might just google the old/new parts numbers

2S2-15100-17 replaced 2S2-15100-10-00 and see what you can find.  Looks like '07-'11 WR450F cases have the same part #.


Krannie might have the right idea of parting it out.  Guess the decision point is how much can you get for it by parting out, selling whole as a damaged unit, or if you spent the money to repair how much can you get.  Take the solution that you think makes most economic sense.  I figure a used '07WR450F in very good/excellent condition is worth approx $3000 as a private sale (e.g. if you repaired it) in Colorado.

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