Hot start boot

My '05 WR has been sitting for several months, tried to get her going again this weekend but it won't idle without choke, and is a bitch to start (actually won't start right now - it was running on choke, turned choke off and it stalled, can't get it to fire again. Not even with swearing).  I took it for a lap around the block yesterday, ran ok when on the throttle, but it stalled a couple of times at intersections, hard to restart, thought I'd be pushing it home.  Or maybe just set fire to it and walk away. Made it home though.


Pulled the carb apart for a good clean but no improvement.   I'll buy a new pilot jet tomorrow (tried soaking all the jets in carb dip overnight).  It had a 45 in it, tried an old 48 as well, but I need a new jet to be sure it's clean.


The rubber boot on the hot start nut is torn.  I'll buy a new one (also ordered an aluminium replacement nut), as well as a new hot start seal, but I was wondering if this boot needs to be in perfect condition or not.  If it is torn will this also cause a lean condition?  If so seems to be poor design that a dust boot is part of the fuel/air system.


Has anyone just replaced it with a carb mounted plunger like on the older WR's?  I have never needed to use the hot start on my bike, and I'm just a slow trail rider, so I don't need a bar mounted lever.  Safari tank might make access difficult though.

Never mind. 


After typing that had the idea to remove the boot, reassemble, then seal it up with electrical tape,  Started literally first kick, idles perfectly without choke.


Will order a new boot tomorrow.

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