Oil cooler for 04 YZ450

I've been lurking about trying to find ways of keeping my YZ cooler. I run a lithium battery for lighting. Getting a radiator fan complicates that.

I want to build my own oil cooler. I have access to hydraulic hose fab equipment. The only thing I'm not sure of is where do I get oil pressure from and where do I return the cooled oil?

The problem in the first place is the cooling your oil won't really cool the engine significantly, just the oil, and there's no real evidence that the engine oil gets dangerously hot on most YZ450's.


What's your situation, what symptoms are you seeing?

No symptoms. I'm looking for another option to help keep the engine cooler

Well, it would be easy on the '04 ('98-'05 included) because of the external oil lines.  You would pick up the return oil line from the left side of the engine and install the cooler between the engine and frame in that line.  Be sure the cooler tubing is 5mm larger than the tubing that feeds into it so as to reduce the load on the pump.


Still, in the end, while the oil will be a little cooler, the engine won't really be any cooler for it to speak of.

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