Revloc or not to Revloc auto clutch that is ?

do you guys think this is a woods thing moto thing or fancy lazy thing...could you really stop you clutch hand after all these years...i rode a freinds husky auto. back in the early 80's..hated would freewheel as soon as you were off the power..i can mostly rememeber hitting a lot of trees and those were the days of no bark i may be bias..has anybody ridin a revloc ?here it is

An auto? That's interesting. Where did you hear about this? At least you wouldn't have to worry about accidentally hitting neautral before hitting a jump face. Seems to me something like this would work the best for desert racing. Are the shift points adjustable?

Oops, I didn't see the "here it is" part of your post. Try before you buy. That's alot of bread to lay down.

I saw that article in MXA I think, about Chuck Sun racing that Husaberg with an auto clutch. Seemed interesting. Dont know if Id like it though. I also read that Tim Ferrys bike has a "slipper clutch" in it. If you dont know what that is, its a clutch that slipps on compression, reducing the compression braking. These started in road racing several years ago. That sounds interesting to me, reducing the compression braking.

If ya don't like clutches you shoulda bought a z50 or TTR90. What are you going to do off of the starting line if the front end starts coming up.....let off the gas? No, you pull just a hair of clutch.

Husky's Ahhhh Yes the Ol Huskers, had perfected Auto Clutches many many years ago. I too rode one for awhile and hated it. I did not like the feeling of shutting off and just free wheeling. I did get used to it though, the neat thing on the Auto was the Husky had an uncanny sense about what RPM and gear it was in so torguing out of holes between trees was a breeze. And Smmmooooooth man was that puppy smooth.

I am partial to huskys after all ya never forget your first real get off unless it was done on a husky OOOOCH :)

I'd buy a Husky... Shhhh.. don't tell anyone :-)

The revloc clutch has a clutch lever on the handle bar so you can rev it to the moon on the line and dump it like anything else. It works much the same as a powervalve works on a two stroke. With the revloc, you can start in third from what they said and just let the thing digg

I just saw on Speed Channel tonight,

a shoot out on a bunch of 4strokes - Chuck Sun, and other test riders rode a Suzuki,Yammy,Honda,Ktm. The Ktm was an automatic. The test rider liked it.

Check it out if you get the chance!

I think it is a neat idea. But i agree with some others that it is nice to have engine braking. I do like the idea of not being to kill my engine in the air. Once in a while, I forget to get the clutch in all of the way.

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