2013 dies

my 2013 Yz450 recently jumped timing, had to replace the valves and broke 2 shim buckets, those were also replace.

problems I have are:
1. the bike sometimes take a few kicks to start (sometimes 4/5 kicks). valves are in spec and timing is spot on. sometimes it starts right up 1st or 2nd kick.
2. when riding after a few minutes, when the bikes warm up (operating temp), the revs tend to drop really low and bike cuts out, happens sometimes, and sometimes not. I feel like this is a sensor issue.


this is my first efi bike so its all new to me.

any ideas? thanks

Did you have the seats re-cut to match the new valve surfaces ?

yup, they didn't take much work though.

Efi yamahas very rarely start first kick cold. Very rarely.

When it's cold I have to cycle mine 4-6 times to build fuel pressure then it starts first kick. Just going for it normal takes 3-4 kicks.

The cutting out issue could be sensors or electrical. Are there any fault codes present?

unfortunately i don't have a power tuner and i believe no one near by has one,
is there another way to check?


You can go threw the strenuous procedure of testing sensors ohms and stater voltage with a multimeter, still a blind guess and check....still may not help your situation though. Look at the basics first if you can, kill button, fuel pressure, stator voltage (when it is acting up), ecu has a lay over switch integrated not likely but worth testing. Best advice is open your Manuel and start testing sensors that have a no run issue possibility.

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