2016 wr450 won't start

The bike has 800 miles on it. I did drop the bike an hour before tx started this and after I went threw a few small creek beds about 5 mins later it started cutting out/bogging jumped on the highway opened it up and started cutting out then just died. Ended up checking the ignition coil and it's not getting a spark to the plug. Switch it out with a new one still nuthing, then unplugged the kill switch still nuthing. Also put stock ecu back it to see if that was it. Does anyone know what else can be happening? No engine light is on so I can see if any codes are popping up on the gytr tuner. Any ideas?

Plug cap

Plug wire at cap


TPS got wet

Tip over sensor is loose or disconnected

The last thing to check is the tps. Any suggestions on the best way to check that?

I would likely take the tank off and go back through the wire harness. One of them might not be plugged it all the way.

Thanks Steve , I got pissed off and started jerking/wiggling every relay/sensor I could find. Kept trying to start it every 2 I did. Finallyyyyyy those 2 relays under the battery on left side the thing started right up.

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