Adjusting fork compression with handlebars in the forward position.

Have just got myself a 2014 yz450f after years of riding Hondas and wondering why I didn't go blue sooner.

However I had my first wtf moment with this bike today. Out at the track it was really square edge and some big braking bumps so planned to take a couple of clicks out of the compression and quicky realised a flat head does not fit with the handlebars in the forward offset position.

I'm not going to take the bars off every time I want to adjust the compression of the fork. So what are people using to get around this? I was thinking a small 1/4 inch drive head welded to a thin 1/4 inch ring spanner would do the trick. Or is there an off the shelf product that achieves the same outcome?

Other than this small problem the bike is a beast. First bike I've had where I've wanted to take power out of it (ordered the gytr tuner tool)


Google race tech fork clicker adjuster.

Google race tech fork clicker adjuster.


thanks, appreciate it. Gonna order one now :)

Check out Enzo racing fork adjuster.

Very easy to use, can adjust on the fly.

Hope this helps.

Just spin the outer tubes around so the clicker is in an accessible spot.

Just spin the outer tubes around so the clicker is in an accessible spot.

Yep, easy and free.

Pretty sure clicker right in the middle.

Pretty sure clicker right in the middle.

Ha ha....of course you are right.  When I saw Cowboys reply my brain was thinking of the bleed screw.


To the OP, here are pics of my adjuster on my '14.  I have 1-1/8" bars, in the forward position, and I have no issue putting a screwdriver into the clicker.  Got pics of yours??


And yes my bike is dirty, got home late Sunday night from riding and haven't had time to wash it yet.  :)

Pretty sure clicker right in the middle.


You're right, I was thinking bleeder.  I usually pack a really long screwdriver in my pack with me, never had an issue adjusting the clicker but you do have to angle it a bit and take care not to let it slip out.

Surely your bars aren't bent....

Surely your bars aren't bent....


Two places on each side, actually.  The "Windham Bend", they call it. :smirk:

Funny that, I'm running the Renthal 998 which if memory serves correct is the windham/reed bend haha.


Bars are definitely not bent, just put these bars on after selling my Honda, this bike hasn't done any cartwheels yet (knocks wood)


I've ordered the Race Tech tool. Most expensive screwdriver I've ever bought but oh well.


This bike is a beast, the more I ride it the more I'm loving it. Although I am finding this bike beats me up faster. Just hanging on for dear life late in a moto.


Really excited to try this GYTR tuner and take 20hp out haha.

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I just took a straight screw driver and put it in a vise an bent the end of it to a 90 degree bend. Works good

also having the same issue and bought the race tech tool. 


However, saw on another forum that someone recommended taking a penny and cutting it in half. After using the race tech tool (doesn't work so well if you have quick bleeders) the penny cut in half may be the trick. 

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