Why does mine need a little throttle to start?

I just bought my 2002 WR426F and when starting it cold and on most occasions it needs a little throttle to start. The manual says to not use throttle but my bike needs a little. Is this a jetting problem? or whats up?. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

When it's chilly (50 or less)I give mine a blip of the throttle or two. If it's much colder, I'll give it one or two good twists. Works every time. :)

Im guessing your throttling before you kick and not during correct? A quick blip basically primes the motor a tad, Ive always done it, most of the time it makes it easier to kick. In other words, I dont have to kick it as hard when I prime it a bit.

You need a fairly rich mixture to start a cold bike, that is why you usually use the choke for your first start of the day. When the air is cold, the air/fuel mixture is leaner and you will either have to richen it with a blip of the throttle or richen up the fuel screw (turn it OUT to richen). It is not abnormal to have to give a blip or two depending on the temperature of the air or the bike. You should NOT have to do this for a warm engine though.

I live in a warmer climate and it is rare that it gets cold enough for me to need the choke for cold starting. On cooler days, I give a couple twists of throttle before kicking and that richens it up long enough for the bike to get running and warm up.

a friend of mine had a 98 wr...he always had to give it just a tad of throttle when starting..not before..but when kickin..dont ask me why..he rode it like that for 2 yrs then sold it

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