Rad Problem

Hi guys..


Here is my problem...2014 WR450F...the right side rad sprung a leak about 2 to 4 inches from the bottom close to the middle of the rad.  There was no reason....it just "let go".  We drove the 15 minutes to the trail head and when we stopped to get organized it was dripping coolant onto the header.  Turned around and came back.


Bike is old and not used often and the cost of an OEM rad in Canada is ridiculous...dealer quoted me over $400.


In my research I noticed that several after market suppliers did not stock rads for the 04...they have 03 and 05 and every other year....but nothing for 04.  So I called Mylers (they have a good rep for aftermarket rads) and they did confirm that the setup is slightly different on the 04 and that was the only year that people would constantly complain about...so they stopped selling their rads as being compatible with an 04 WR450F.


Now...I can find several Chinese makers like "GPI Racing"...and they sell a unit they advertise as good for all years 2003 to 2006.  My concern is that these rad will all be identical to each other and that they too will also probably not fit an 04.  If Mylers, a quality manufacturer says one size fits all won't work for an 04...I have very little faith that a Chinese maker will actually have solved the fitment issue.


SO...my question is twofold...


1- Does anybody know from personal experience where I can get a right side rad that will fit an 04 WR450F


2- Can any body give me any personal experience that the Chinese (GPI Racing) product will actually fit properly.


Thanks in advance....All feedback appreciated....short season up here and at this point I'm down for the count.



I know of no difference between '03 '04 '05 radiators


Have Mylers repair it


I know of no difference between '03 '04 '05 radiators


Have Mylers repair it


I just spoke to them earlier today (before I posted).....they did confirm there is a difference and they had a lot of complaints...that's why.they do not offer a rad for the 04 WR450. They offer for 03 and 05...but not 04.


In terms of having them fix it...by the time I pay for shipping to and from Canada...not worth it.


However when I called them back to ask about repair...the guy I spoke to indicated that they had a couple of used ones off an 04...so looks like I'll probably buy a used one from them...so thanks for the suggestion to repair it....led to what appears to be a good solution.

Just pack some JB weld in that area from both sides of Rad. Fixed permanently. I have done it and it's permanent.

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