Gyro Feeling in front end at low speed

Anyone have / get a gyro effect at low speed with the front end.

I have tried dropping the tripple clamp 10mm, rizing them, diff oil wt, compress, damping and oil hieght, I just can not get that Gyro feeling out. I am suspecting that I either have a bent tube or possible bent triple's. I will hate to strip the bike and start chking the alignment on the bike


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I am not sure what you mean by "gyro effect". Do you mean low speed resistance, as in the front wheel does not spin freely? This may be alignmnet or shot front bearings.

In regards to the forks at low speed. Does there seem to be resistance as in too much compression or rebound dampning? Have you experimented with backing out the clickers with no change in dampning?


No the Gyro I am refering to is a sensation while riding the bike (Low_speed) (1st Gear), if you have ever held a gyro in your hand while it is spinning or a Hard Drive as it is turned off and you have it in your hand, there is a sensation of or a feel of force if you turn your hand, the Gyro is the feeling of the opposed force trying to right it self. So if I am going straight ahead and begin a low speed turn the Gyro is the sensation of the bike trying to lift back up right. It is un-nerving, At high speed I am to buzy holding on to notice :)

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I also experienced a "gyro" effect. It was caused by the runout on my front wheel being excessive. I took the tire off, mounted the wheel on the bike, backed off all the spokes and then trued the wheel. No more gyro.

Thanks Bassr

The Guy I picked the bike up from on his second outing Hit a tree :) and he sold it to me :D

I dont think its out of round But is is something to look at. Come to thik of it, the front does nose down when air born, I figured it was me doing a flying W :D

I will look at that

Kinda makes me wonder if the rim is centered over the hub properly. I did that to a bicycle on purpose when I was a kid. I laced the wheels with longer spokes on one side than the other, it was really wierd to ride, it did all kinds of strange stuff.


Thans for that Input, I will rememberthat next Time I lace My Stingray :)

me thinks you have a problem with your steering head bearings. If you are feeling resistance to movement at low speeds. Kinda like a notch in the steering at zero degrees. I ran into this and had to tear the steering head down and dress up the surfaces and regrease. (water had gotten in the bearings)

Merfman & Scooter

I went through the front end pulling everything off, when I got the bike. The Berrigs look good and where spinning good. I did repack them and chk'd the Races real close no gouges or marks or rust. I torqued it all down to spec but its still there.

Dont think its that, but will look again.

Long shot, but I had this feeling on a couple of KDX's. Turned out to be steering head bearings.


i have it on my yz426f 2000, tried anything but couldnt solve the problem...

changed tire, different air presure, re wired all the cablles ... just gas it and u wont feel it anymore

Hey More thanks

Its re-assuring that I did not have the only bike that was attacked by a tree :)

It is an unsettling feeling, your right though, Like yourself its hard to notice when you on the gas, wfo, front end always dancing with the ground. Sometimes it really does pay to be real real fast like us Huh Mor :D

That "feeling" goes away if you get up more on the tank and hang your foot out by the front axle when cornering. Body position.

Check your rear sag too.

Sooo Dan

Great,,, Thanks,,,, Real informative,,,

I will try that next time I buz the bike up the street.

I will act lik the culdisac is a 6 foot berm and slid my phat butt onto the haggle bars and stick my leg out real far.. :)

No just having fun with youDan

No the problem is low speed just up and bake warming the bike up at the local dirt Colaseum or up and bake on the street.

hehe. longer spokes on one side than the other? I gotta try that sometime...

Seriously though, I had this exact thing happen on a YZ250 one time. Made me feel like the earth had slipped off it's axis. Anyway, I put in new steering head bearings and all was well.

i have the perfect solution:

Put all your riding gear on and start the bike. Let it warm up then throw it in first, crank on the thottle, and dump the clutch. Now that the front wheel is in the air your problem should go away. :)

Just havin' some fun :D

couldn't resist :D

Actually, the front wheel spinning is a crucial element in extended wheelstands... Some of the wheelie kings actually have small motors that keep the front wheel spinning while it's off the ground - it helps to balance and keep the bike straight and predictable... you can go for miles if the front wheel keeps you stable... A good use for the gyroscopic effect...


Ok All good solutions, But I supsect Moto Madman has nailed it. So far I have gone through everything. The Tubes are straight, the wheel is true and the moon is aligned with Saturn. I suspect theat either the Races or the Bearing are whakked. I will most likly replace both.


Those guys that use the electric wheel spinner for the Gyro are weeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnniiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee's

Real Men Use Horspower and Gears to keep the front end up. I had a SL70 I could wheelie from my house to my buds and back, as many times as I wanted. Two /1/2 Blocks 3 blocks round trip. My 426 is to unpredictable with the front the way it is, once the front end is up the Gyro causes the bike to sway :) GULP :D

I found the problem with the GYRO feeling in the front end :D

Now I gotta tell me wife how much :)

After real carefully taking theentire front end down and inspecting each part to spec, I finally came down to the bearings and races.

I popped the races out, Ultru cleaned the bearings and took a close look at how the match up. I found both races are out of round and are etched with the imprint or the bearings them selves.

I took the races and bearings to a friend who is a stress analasyst engineer, He pointed out that the etched areas are from over touque or improper installing, and the out of round would have been mostliky caused or was attributed to the fact, the guy I got it from sold it to me after hitting a tree and filling hil fruit o da looms :D .

Anyway its gonna cost a hundred or so to fix now worries case solved.

I tried to snap shot the races to see if I could get a good one with the etch marks but they woul just not show.

Here is how you can tell visually

clean real goodto a shine

look at them under bright light, sun or whatever

you will see what appears to be shadows, slightly darker areas then the fine polish surface.

Case closed mystery solved.

Some of you posted the bearings and races, this is what I suspected but Hey Iam am egoahole, I gotta see the evidence, I got to get to the bottom of every problem and figure a solution. Thats what I do :D

Thanks for all the help and ideas

Life begins at 170

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Maybe its just the rider :) Maybe try getting yourself an 87 RM125. I think you will be able to handle a bike with less weight and less power much better. Or maybe try breaking before the turn and then gasing threw the turn. 4 stokes are front tire steering bikes but a ride of your calibur probably already knows that.

It is so fun wasting time and posting meaningless **** on other peoples postings. Am I cool like you now.

Does this mean we are still not friends? :D

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