Gyro Feeling in front end at low speed

Hey Gyro feeling girl. That gyro feeling is probably the vibrating strap-on your girlfriend or boyfriend (which ever way you bat) lost in your as*hole last night. If you shove your hand back up your as* and pull it out it should fix the "gyro feeling" your getting.

That was totally uncalled for and extremely vulgar!! If you insist upon being a jerk, call Jerry Springer and see if he can work you in on one of his segments dealing with "trailer trash".

[ May 05, 2002: Message edited by: Boit ]

I think ridenred is ridin a big veiny red one.

I agree with Boit. It's amazing how immature some adults are. :)


The red riders are just jealous cuz they shelled out a wad of cash for a bike that is a piece - you have to buy clamps to make it steer, fix the auto decomp before you can ride it - adjust the hot start so it actually works, and can tighten a bolt for fear of cracking the cases - like I said there just jealous of us blue riders who dont have to do all that crap on our bikes to be able to ride/race them.. AND one more thing redriders GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Mc

YZ426F = #231

CRF450R = #225

Where do you get #30 ?

Is that Honda math ?


You da man Ego heheheh...

Nah You guys are da man's

I know I am a pain in the butt, but I aint calling people names... :)

Now lets see, fix the carb, watch the clutch basket, fix the keyway, Ya my YZ is effort less.

Man, some of you guys must bleed blue!

It is still cheaper to buy the clamp than to make your YZ 30 lbs lighter!

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